Culvert Pipe

Blowing traditional culverts out of the water. Twin wall Bazooka is available in diameters from 225mm to 450mm x 6m long.

Bazooka Culvert Pipe

meets the most demanding conditions

Tough polyethylene corrugated outer wall for strength and crush resistance combined with the smooth inner wall hydraulic flow.

Rugged Bailey Bazooka can be used in the most demanding conditions from high country Central Otago to forestry blocks along the East Cape.


Bailey Bazooka is flexible and has the ability to cope with soil movement and external loading from vehicle traffic without cracking.

More forgiving than rigid pipes, Bailey Bazooka has some ability to deform without structural damage and provides designers and installers insurance for operational conditions.

made in new zealand

Manufactured i New Zealand using the latest co-extrusion technology.

Bazooka is produced with a smooth inner wall for superior hydraulic performance and a corrugated outer wall for high stiffness.


Bazooka is rigorously tested for stiffness in third pad laboratories in accordance with the AS/NZS 5065:2005 standard.

Bazooka Install Video

See how Bazooka can be installed under vehicle stream crossings

The moulded socket on Bailey Bazooka means joining pipes is a straight forward process no additional connectors are required. Using the moulded socket combined with Bailey's Sealing Ring, simple and effective joints are achieved.

The Sealing Ring is installed in the last valley between corrugations. Rings fit snuggly and do not roll or move on installation. Bailey Bazooka can be cut to any length and no chamfering is required.

Culvert Pipe

225mm to 450mm

Bailey product specs

SKU Inside diameter Outside Diameter Length Lengths per crate
BB225-CUL-6 224mm 260mm 6000mm 20
BB300-CUL-6 297mm 344mm 6000mm 12
BB375-CUL-6 375mm 425mm 6000mm 9
BB450-CUL-6 434mm 500mm 6000mm 4


Bazooka -
The obvious choice


Bailey Transport

Bazooka Culvert Pipe features


Bailey Bazooka is produced using technology that requires minimum use of raw materials placing less demand on natural resources. Bailey Bazooka is easily recycled at the end of its life.


Bailey Bazooka's lightweight and long lengths ensure easier, faster and lower installation costs than alternative pipes. Being tough and impact resistant Bailey Bazooka is easy and faster to move around site.

UV Stabilised

Bailey Bazooka is manufactured from polyethylene containing UV stabilisers and UV blocks to ensure resistance to ultraviolet light where pipe is exposed to sun light.

Hydraulic Performance

Bailey Bazooka's smooth inner wall allows for superior hydraulic flow compared to single wall corrugation pipes. The smooth inner wall is resistant to build up.