Black Snake
Drainage Pipe

Bailey Black Snake single-wall, corrugated, high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe is ideal for drainage projects where flexibility, light weight and low cost are important.

    Black Snake Drainage Pipe


    Available in 110mm and 160mm diameters Black Snake is suitable for homes, farms, golf courses, parks, sports fields or whatever excess subsoil water drainage is required.

    super coils

    For larger drainage projects where trenching equipment will be used Baileys offer Super Coils.

    Available in 110mm x 450m and 160mm x 190m.

    Black Snake

    Watch how Black Snake is installed with
    Peter Wolfkamp.

    Black Snake product specs

    SKU Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Coil Length Description
    BS110-SL-100 110mm 95mm 100m Slotted
    BS110-SL-30 110mm 95mm 30m Slotted
    BS110-SL-15 110mm 95mm 15m Slotted
    BS110-US-100 110mm 95mm 100m Unslotted
    BS110-US-30 110mm 95mm 30m Unslotted
    BS110-US-15 110mm 95mm 15m Unslotted
    BS110-SLFS-100 110mm 95mm 100m Slotted w/ Filter Sock
    BS110-SLFS-30 110mm 95mm 30m Slotted w/ Filter Sock
    BS110-SLFS-15 110mm 95mm 15m Slotted w/ Filter Sock
    BS160-SL-45 160mm 140mm 45m Slotted
    BS160-SL-15 160mm 140mm 15m Slotted
    BS160-US-45 160mm 140mm 45m Unslotted
    BS160-US-15 160mm 140mm 15m Unslotted
    BS160-SLFS-45 160mm 140mm 45m Slotted w/ Filter Sock


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    Black Snake

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