Icon Series Water Tanks

425l to 30,000L

Icon Series Water Tanks

Water tanks for gardens, homes, farms... whenever you want water kept as fresh as the day it rained.

Icon Water Tanks

built tough

Bailey Tanks are moulded in tough food grade polyethylene plastic. They won’t crack, fade or rust and their one-piece construction makes them exceptionally strong and easy to clean. They’re also UV-stabilised to withstand the harsh New Zealand sun.

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Rainwater Harvesting

Harvesting rainwater gives you the ability to reduce your water charges, become water self sufficient and eliminate the impacts of drought on your lawns and gardens.

Bailey tanks recycling story

Cut up, Call up, Collect

A Bailey Tank will last over 20 years. All Bailey Tanks are UV stabilised to protect them from the sun and ensure a long life.They won't rot, crack, or rust. In addition, the colour is permanently moulded in, so your Bailey Tank will stay looking great.

icon product specs

SKU Capacity Diameter Height Weight Outlet Size
BT30000 30,000L 3800mm 3100mm 475kg 50mm
BT25000 25,000L 3500mm 3000mm 375kg 50mm
BT13500 13,500L 2800mm 2500mm 200kg 50mm
BT10000 10,000L 2200mm 2900mm 175kg 50mm
BT9000 9,000L 2800mm 1750mm 150kg 50mm
BT5000 5,000L 1800mm 2250mm 100kg 50mm
BT3000 3,000L 1800mm 1500mm 75kg 25mm
BT2100 2,100L 1330mm 1680mm 45kg 25mm
BT1800 1,800L 1330mm 1380mm 35kg 25mm
BT1000 1,000L 800mm 2200mm 30kg 25mm
BT900 900L 1000mm 1400mm 25kg 25mm
BT425 425L 700mm 1200mm 15kg 25mm


Our Recycling Journey

We care about sustainable business practice and the natural environment. Find out what we do to tackle these important issues.


Bailey Delivery

Order your Bailey Tank and we’ll deliver it to you direct from our factory using one of our purpose built trucks, or collect your small tank from your local agent.

ICON tank features

Great range

From 400L to 30,000 litre capacities in a choice of 11 colours.

Range of solutions

Bailey Tanks are light and easy to move so even the biggest ICON Water Tank in the range can be manhandled into position.

UV protection

All Bailey Tanks are UV stabilised to protect them from the sun and ensure a long life.


Bailey Tanks are made from an extremely tough but flexible type of plastic called polyethylene, which has been used within the industry for liquid storage for many years.