Slim Jim
Water Tanks

The Slim Jim gives you the ability to reduce your water charges, become water self sufficient and eliminate the impacts of drought on your lawns and gardens.

Slim Jim Tanks

Our best tank yet

The new Bailey Slim Jim continues the Bailey tradition of innovation, design and the provision of flexible water management solutions.

With the addition of the Slim Jim Bailey have the most comprehensive urban water management range on the market.

Stormwater Retention & Detention

From conception Slim Jim has been designed to be an easy and attractive solution for stormwater retention and detention. The flat ends allow for installation of inlets, overflows and council required orifices.

pump integration

A submersible pump can be easily installed allowing the rainwater to be used in outside taps, toilets and washing machines.

Additionally a Rain AId valve can be fitted so in the event your tank runs out of rainwater the tank will automatically be topped up from the mains, giving you an uninterrupted supply of water.

Slim Jim

Installation guide including a wet inlet
hand grips

Recessed hand grips on both ends of Slim Jim allow for easy and safe positioning onsite. Slim Jim can be carried either on end or on its side. No need for expensive lifting equipment.

Slim Jim product specs

SKU Capacity Length Width Height Outlet size Lid Size Weight
BTSJ1000 1,000L 2350mm 325mm 1800mm 50mm (x2) 200mm (x2) 75kg
BTSJ2000 2,000L 2650mm 550mm 1800mm 50mm (X2) 200mm (x2) 150KG
BTSJ3000 3,000L 3100mm 690mm 1800mm 50mm (X2) 200mm (x2) 200KG

Slim Jim

Our Recycling Journey

We care about sustainable business practice and the natural environment. Find out what we do to tackle these important issues.

Slim Jim

Bailey Delivery

Order your Bailey Tank and we’ll deliver it to you direct from our factory using one of our purpose built trucks, or collect your small tank from your local agent.

Slim Jim Features

Colour Range

Slim Jim provides a distinctive and modern appearance with contemporary colourways in 11 fantastic colours to match the colour and style of your home.


Starting at only 75kg's Slim Jim can be lifted or slid into even the tightest of positions. The hand grabs also assist in the handling onsite.


At the end of life, Slim Jim is completely recyclable. Return your tank to us and we will recycle the plastic and reuse it in non critical mouldings such as pump covers, pits and chambers.

Ultra Slim Design

Starting at only 325mm wide Slim Jims are the perfect option for small sites where land is at a premium. Slim Jim can also be utilised as a fence replacement and multiple tanks can be linked for large capacities.

Slim Jim

Find out how simple and easy installing your
own Slim Jim is.