Sustainable Series Slimline Tanks

2000L to 3000l

Sustainable Series Slimline Tanks

Our Sustainable Series Slimline water tanks have been designed and manufactured with sustainability at their core. They are the perfect solution for urban water storage or storm-water retention.

Sustainable Series Slim Line Tanks

Sustainability at their core

The Sustainable Series production uses less than 1/3 of energy than previous models, plus their unique shape and design means less plastic is required to produce each tank. Reducing energy usage reduces the demand for fossil fuels and, in turn, lower the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Sustainable Series

Find out how to install your own Sustainable
Series Slimline

Sustainable Series tanks are light and easy to move. Inlets and overflows can be easily installed in the premarked locations, while your outlet valve can be screwed directly into the fitting provided.

modern design

In addition to their energy saving benefits the Sustainable Series offers an exciting modern design, a wide colour choice and low profile (1.8m/fence height)

Bailey product specs

SKU Capacity Length Width Height Outlet size Lid Size Weight
BTSS2000 2,000L 2200mm 700mm 1800mm 25mm (x2) 200mm (x2) 100kg
BTSS3000 3,000L 2650mm 870mm 1800mm 25mm (X2) 200mm (x2) 125KG


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Bailey Delivery

Order your Bailey Tank and we’ll deliver it to you direct from our factory using one of our purpose built trucks, or collect your small tank from your local agent.