Modern integrated water storage solutions. Harvest rainwater to become self sufficient eliminating the impacts of drought on your lawns and gardens

Icon series
our classic tanks

We've been producing the ICON range for 50 years. The perfect solution for rural homes and farms. From 400L to 30,000L

Slim jim
The ultimate slim fence tank

These tanks continue the Bailey tradition of innovation design and the  provision of flexible water management solutions

Slim jim

The ultimate slimline tank
Under deck tanks

Fat Sam under deck tanks are an ‘out of sight’ solution when water storage is a priority and space is at a premium

Fat sam

Under deck storage solution
slim tanks with great capacity

Bailey Slimline water tanks are ‘just that’. Narrow and attractive in appearance and colour ways they adapt to any house

Sustainable Series
Slimline Tanks

With sustainability at our heart this range of tanks has been designed with this ethos at its core using 1/3 less energy to produce