450mm Bazooka Socket

450mm Bazooka Socket

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Bazooka - the obvious choice

By combining the strength and
toughness of advanced polyethylene materials with the structured wall design, BAILEY BAZOOKA provides an
environmentally friendly, cost-effective alternative to traditional materials such as concrete.

Made in nz

Tough polyethylene corrugated outer wall provides strength, while the smooth inner wall provides superior hydraulic flow. Rugged BAILEY BAZOOKA can be used in most site conditions.

Environmentally friendly

BAILEY BAZOOKA is produced using a technology that requires minimum use of raw materials placing less demand on natural resources. BAILEY BAZOOKA is easily recycled at the end of its life.

Superior hydraulic performance

BAILEY BAZOOKA’s smooth inner wall allows for superior hydraulic flow compared to single wall corrugated pipes. The smooth inner wall is resistant to buildup.

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