International Water Management Practices Vital for NZ

International Water Management Practices Vital for NZ

New overseas innovations and thinking around water management can be harnessed in New Zealand to help relieve the damaging impact of extreme water events, says David Bailey, GM of leading tank and pipe manufacturer Bailey Tanks.

Mr. Bailey attended this year’s IFAT tradeshow – the world’s largest forum devoted to water, sewage, waste and raw materials management – where the United Nations presented on the correlation between water and the impact it has on business and the economy.

He says with three out of every four jobs being dependent on water, the UN offered insights into how water shortages can affect economic growth and how this can be resolved by such things as capacity development solutions and growing the skill sets of those working in the water and sanitation sector.

“The UN’s findings have huge significance, not just for us as an industry, but New Zealand’s wider economy in general. Water is a key factor to the success of New Zealand’s economy and business buoyancy and there are so many new advancements and solutions out there that need to be utilised.

“For example, we’ve recently seen two extreme examples in regards to the handling of water in New Zealand – Otago is in the grip of a two year draught and the heavy and unpredictable rain that hit Auckland recently. Situations like these require new thinking and new products to help address them more effectively.”
Mr Bailey says advancements in stormwater retention and treatment systems, rainwater tanks, and in plastics and composite pipe materials were also presented at IFAT which will help Bailey Tanks develop better quality products.

“New developments like these are an exciting sign of where the industry is moving. We’re always looking to improve our products for our customers and the new developments in plastics at IFAT were of particular interest to our team back in New Zealand.

“We pride ourselves on creating unique products, and we’re always looking to do it better.”