Landcorp Cheltenham Downs Drainage Project

Landcorp Cheltenham Downs Drainage Project

Baileys have been producing Black Snake drainage pipe for just 6 months. In that time Black Snake has been a regular seller with many thousands of metres going out the door every week. But when you get an order for 10 kilometres of 160mm Black Snake (that’s 5 truck and trailer loads) from one customer that’s worth noting.

That customer is Landcorp on behalf of their Cheltenham Downs property in the Manawatu. Cheltenham Downs is a 1427-hectare finishing farm that fattens a mixture of lambs and steers, as well as stocking replacement dairy cattle.

Black Snake pipe has been purchased as part of the first stage of a 140-hectare drainage project. It was chosen as the most cost effective option to drain an undeveloped block of wet flatland prior to regrassing.

Black Snake’s ease of handling, flexibility and lightweight makes it ideal for such projects. And an order of this size was no problem for Baileys. According to Cheltenham Down’s Farm Manager, Ian Brown; “Baileys were easy to deal with and all the product arrived at the right place at the right time.”

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